Skip to content is a slightly erotic and dreamy, and easy to remember .com domain. Perfect for boutique, coffeeshop or lingerie website.

Remember, “.com” is still a king when it comes to domains. This is your chance to get one! Don’t miss it. Once gone, it will cost several times more. So use your chance!

Get it for
(renews at $10)

How it can be used?

This is two word .com domain. Remember, “.com” domains are still strongly preferred for business as that is first thing people would type to access website.

Domain is perfect for some fashion and beauty industry – as boutique, SPA, lingerie, perfumery,  or food website (for example, ice cream or coffee shop).

This domain has been registered for many years without any association with bad websites that would hurt next project’s SEO.

Why I am selling?

This domain name has been for years with me. Idea was to build a fashion shop. Unfortunately, this project fell apart but I was left with a domain. So it is time to say good-bye from me and let it be someone else project.  But, hey – I can still build a website or shop for you! Just let me know and we’ll figure it out.

Why the price is so low?

Short domains – especially .com ones – cost big money. Thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. But my aim is not to get hefty profit out of this domain – just to get back what I’ve already invested into this domain, and get small extra.

How domain transfer will happen?

In short, sale is carried out in following steps:

  1. You transfer payment to me via PayPal (you have PayPal buyers protection, I carry all payment costs)
  2. Once payment is received, I will send you domain transfer code
  3. You create account at any registrar of your choice ( has good prices) and transfer in domain using transfer code. 

Use of escrow services (like are also an option but their cost is on you.

Drop me a note using form below and I will explain in detail all aspects of sale and domain transfer, and anything you would want to know.

Need more help?

If needed, I can help you with domain transfer, setting up website or link shortener.


If you are interested and want to buy this domain or have any questions, send me a message (use form below) and I’ll explain in more detail how the full process of domain sale and transfer is executed.

Atis Gailis