My projects and ideas Projects I work on and ideas I have in my mind

I have a lots of ideas. Hundreds, maybe thousands even. Not all of them are good, or noteworthy. They come and go. But some are to stay. And I want to do something about them.

And sometimes I want to build something just for the sake of building.

So I created this space to collect all the project I work on, have done, and ideas that are still in my mind and itching. 

If yo find something to be interesting or wanna join me, connect on social media or drop me a note!

Current projects


Collection of privacy and cybersecurity news articles.

Built with WordPress. Fast and simple.

Perhaps my most successful project so far.



Articles (by me and guest authors) on data protection, privacy and cybersecurity.

Built with WordPress. 

Not as successful as DataProtection.News as it takes much more time and effort to write an in-depth article.


Collection of privacy and cybersecurity guidance and materials.

Built with WordPress, theme and Post Type Builder.

This is one I use most for myself. I created it because I had a need to quickly find data protection guidance on different aspects. And googling for it just wasn’t so strait-forward as you have to dig through lot of noize first.


Privacy Virtual Community

A community dedicated for privacy.

Built on platform. 

Not as successful as any of my previous projects. It needs more attention and marketing. “I’ve built it, but they didn’t come”. Still I see a potential in this one. Privacy groups on Facebook is like AA meetings in a bra, right?


My photoblog.

Built with WordPress.

I started it back in 2007. At a time I published there my photos regularly. Not so often anymore. Therefore I plan to merge it to this website.



Collection of inspirational web and graphic design pieces.

Built on Tumblr platform. 

I love good design. I do it also myself. Therefore for inspiration I started to collect interesting pieces. For later reference.


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A virtual conference, meet-up or summit devoted to GDPR and data protection in European Union. 

Wanna help me make it happen? Drop me a note! I already have all required tools to go live. What is missing is content – speakers who’d share their knowledge. And some spreading of the word (a.k.a marketing).

Collection of tools for solopreneurs, freelancers and small business. Free and cheap but good and reliable tools. Something that toes not cost fortune but does job good. Something I use or am looking for myself. (ProductHunt has way to much stuff to be useful anymore.)

Legal GitHub

Build up a Git repository with snippets and templates for contracts and legal documents. Just take what you want and use it. Or fork it and make your own. There are lots of similar ideas already implemented, Though. So I am not so sure there will be need in this one.

A forum or place for NoCode fans to meet, network, exchange ideas, tools they use and and methods how they build stuff without coding.

A photo stock site to sell local photos (for example, taken in Baltics) for local small business.

Closed projects

A blog in Latvian dedicated to free speech and expression, especially on internet. Closed project as I haven’t been publishing there for several years. Created back in 2000. My first real blog.

A blog on everything I found out to be interesting, with emphasis on IT and design.

Project dedicated to terminology used in Latvian laws. Working as a lawyer I found out that it is hard to find out how terms are defined in different laws. Or sometimes they aren’t.