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GDPR expert

Privacy and personal data protection is what I work with daily. I am also certified data protection officer (by Latvian data protection authority) and hold CIPP/E certification.

General Data Protection Regulation
A resellable laptop computer with bundled software.

IT lawyer

Information technologies and their regulation has always interested me. I’ve dived in law and regulation on on e-signatures, e-documents, internet voting.

Along with that comes also copyright and intellectual property law – software licences, trademarks.

No-Code developer

I create things on internet. Websites and weba pps. Mostly without writing a line of code. And you can, too.

code and no-code

My projects

I love to build stuff on internet. Explore how things work. Get new knowledge.

Let's build together!

Want to create something cool on internet – a website or project? And need a help? Get in touch!

Website sketch