Skip to content is very short domain. Two letter domains are rarely available and expensive to obtain. This is your chance to get one! Don’t miss it. Once gone, it will cost several times more. So use your chance!

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How it can be used?

The domain is very short and memorable – therefore perfect for use as link shortener.

Why I am selling?

I am a dreamer. I’ve bought handful of domains imagining how I will build some fancy project with this cool domain name. But I understood that time is running too fast. I don’t have time to execute them all. And I believe that domains must be used, have their life rather than sit into someone’s domain portfolio.

Why the price is so low?

Short domains cost big money. Thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. But my aim is not to get hefty profit out of this domain – just to get back what I’ve already invested into this domain, and get small extra.

How domain transfer will happen?

It is very easy, fast and secure. Domain is placed on PorkBun domain marketplace and you can get in your posessision within minutes. PorkBun will secure both transfer of domain and payment. Also, PorkBun provides cheapest renewal price, however, you’ll be able to transferr the domain to registrar of your choice.

Need more help?

If needed, I can help you with domain transfer, setting up website or link shortener. Just drop a message using a form below.


If you are interested and want to buy this domain, head right to and obtain it. Within seconds – through the secure purchase process –  you’ll be lucky owner of the domain.

If you have any questions, send me a message (use form below) and I’ll explain in more detail how the full process of domain sale and transfer is executed.

Atis Gailis