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No-Code development Building apps without writing code

What is No-Code?

No-Code allows everyone to create websites, apps and software visually, without writing any code. 

No-Code tools are reducing the amount of time and coding knowledge required to turn your idea into product. You no longer need to become a programmer to build things on the internet.

As no-code development platforms become more powerful and popular,  no-code movement continues to gain in popularity, too.

Me and No-Code

I was dreaming about no-code tools back in early 1990-ties when I realised that there should be more visual and faster way to build software. however, it took few decades to make software building accessible to everybody.

My first no-code tool actually was Microsoft Access. I liked the ease how it let turn a raw database into useable application.

WYSIWYG website builders from mid-to-late 1990-ies, on another hand, disappointed me. They were far from easy to be used and produced less that average results. Code was messy. It was easier to still write your code from scratch – or borrow from other websites.

Now there are plenty of tools that let you build rich web apps on internet and integrate services without touching the code. Airtable, Zapier, IFTTT, WebFlow are just some.

However, my go-to tool for websites and web apps is Wordpress. While it is far from being best for task, it is the one I know best. And plugin ecosystem allows to turn this CMS into literary anything.

Check out my projects!

Look what I have created and are working now without coding.

No-Code for you!

Yes, everyone can start building apps on internet without knowing how to code – also you! Of course, knowledge on how software and code works helps. But is not essential. There are many people building stuff with no-code tools – including me. Those tools get better and better each day. All you need to do is just start.

Don’t know where to start?

That’s fine – just drop me a message and I’ll help.

No-Code tools

Most popular tools to use for no-code projects:

Where to look for more info:

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