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Over the years I obtained handful of domains imagining I will use it for some nice and fancy project of mine.

As years go by I understand that this does not happen so fast. I cant build everything I imagined. So I want to let my domains go, or find a partner to build with together.

Why I am not selling those domains? For two reasons. First, I have invested my time and money in them and would like to get it back. Second – if I just drop the domain cyber-squatters will buy them up and try to sell for  big amount of money. So they will sit in somebody’s else portfolio with less chance to be used.

It is your chance now to get a nice premium domain for your project, and on a budget. 

Found something you like? Or want to work me on some project together? Then drop me a note in contact form below and I will explain how to proceed.

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Choose your best domain

Featured domains

This domain is perfect for blogging resource or blogging related website. 

Short 5 letter domain (meanink “king”in Somali), perfect for any project.

Short 3 letter domain for project promoting tools and software. Or for link shortening and use on social media. 

This 2 word .com domain is perfect for boutique, coffeeshop or lingerie website.

Short, nice sounding and easy to remember six letter .com domain. Fit for any project.

Short 2 letter domain, perfect for link shortening and use on social media.

Another short 2 letter domain, perfect for link shortening and use on social media.

Perfect domain for web developers training site. 

Great domain name for web developers news site.

It does not mean anything so it is perfectly brandable and can be used for literarily any project.

A perfect domain for now so popular No-Code movement community. 

Other available domains

$297 – I still have a project in my mind for this. Nevertheless, if there is a buyer, I’ll sell it.

$297 – perfect for GDPR and data protection related project or website.

$97 – perfect for project related to travel in Wales.


$197 – wanted to use for GDPR and privacy training website. I still plan to create a training material, but are not so sure about separate website. Therefore, if there is a buyer, I’ll sell it.

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Atis Gailis